You’ve Just Been in an Accident. Is There a Template You Can Follow?

The question is: Do Insurance companies and Injury Attorneys follow a script in settling a case? Of course they do. However, Nelson & Natale relies on their Jury Trial experience. We don’t follow a script. As a matter of fact, our settlements are substantially higher than what most Attorneys that practice in Personal Injury get for their cases. Nelson & Natale litigates over 50% of their cases. Why is that? Quite simply, Insurance companies are used to dealing with Attorneys who blanketly negotiate everything. Most Attorneys are not Trial lawyers, which means that they have no other option but to negotiate to settle their cases. Consequently, Plaintiff lawyers fall into the general category of negotiating off a fictitious number or amount of money, unfortunately that does not take into consideration the indirect impact of the injury, the age and health of the client, and many other factors that affect the outcome of the case. Is the client incurring future medical bills? Has the client lost a portion of their remaining healthy years? Is that taken into consideration? Insurance companies won’t recognize these factors and the non-Trial lawyers choose not to argue them. It’s unfamiliar territory for them. Trial lawyers represent such a small fraction of Attorneys, maybe one or two percent, of the Attorneys in Personal Injury, that the Insurance companies usually give in to our game plan knowing that they will waste their time arguing the point. We are more than happy to discuss this issue with you and any objective medical findings you might have.

The majority of claims filed with Insurance companies are not litigated. They don’t even have a lawyer attached to them. That’s really sad. Victims of accidents, at the risk of sounding stupid (and all of us start out stupid), operate on the belief that the Big Insurance company is going to take care of us no matter what. If you take a look at the internet, you’ll see that the majority of law firms that advertise create formulas that calculate the value of your case. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with the true value of the case since it doesn’t take into consideration the subjective factors we need to apply to arrive at the value of the case. The quantitative approach doesn’t work and it is clearly ludicrous. We sincerely hope that you avoid any Attorney who has that cookie cutter approach to cases. You are likely to overlook the value of your injury. We know it’s a painful process but we have 37 years of “real experience” that support our template for achieving success in handling injury cases. YOU CAN ONLY BE A WINNER BY CHOOSING A WINNER.

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