You look familiar… Have you been a client?

The majority of our clients at Nelson and Natale actually have been longstanding 10, 20, or even some 30 plus years ago. Whenever I interview a new client I ask them why they came to us? They usually say “Because my last Attorney was so bad and your firm came highly recommended. You have the recommendation for the BEST ATTORNEYS for an INJURY CASE.” That’s why I’m here.

It’s sad to say but the ‘majority’ of Attorneys that handle Personal Injury cases are
not at all skilled in the field. Why?-It’s about focus, specialization, experience, and last but not least our love for the practice. Our priority is our client, not ourselves. Just Saturday I ‘SUBSTITUTED’ in on a new case. That client was represented by another Attorney for well over a year. We looked up the former Attorney, she is NOT registered with the State Bar never mind a Trial Lawyer. The main attorney with her firm practices Worker’s Compensation Law however his “website” emphasizes Employment Law. No wonder my client had misgivings. I’ve been in the Personal Injury field for 37 years, the first 10 years a partner in a firm defending Insurance Companies. The next 27 years have been representing folks like you suing. My practice is 100% PERSONAL INJURY. Please don’t make the
same mistake that most injured victims make. Make an intelligent decision. Hire an
Attorney who’s total practice is Personal Injury, otherwise you’ll pay in the end. How do you find out? Go to his/her website and find that lawyer’s specialty and if it indicates they do jury trials then go for it. If you have difficulty finding the answer to this question give us a call, we’ll help you out. I’ve told so many clients that you will actually be better off negotiating a settlement if you let your grandmother handle it, than having an unqualified lawyer. Getting back to my story, my client was actually referred to
this lawyer by their Chiropractor, who obviously exchanges business with this
lawyer. You won’t believe the incompetency. The Attorney wasn’t even qualified to
pick up the phone. It all comes back to you, the client, to make an educated choice.
Know your Attorney up front and find out if he/she is qualified to extend service to
you. Don’t come back and complain later as so many do. I know a lot of doctors many I wouldn’t think of sending you to. Why? Because they’re not qualified to be involved in your case. That’s how most of our clients find us.

We at NELSON & NATALE are happy to discuss any case with you. Remember we are


You were in a serious injury accident. You’ve been seen by doctors and money is
being offered to you at this time. The question is should you take it and run or throw it back? These
and many other questions are asked at the end of a Personal Injury case. What do you
think your case is worth? How do you compare it to other cases? What are your
injuries? Do you still have pain 6 months or a year later? What is your current pain level on a
scale of 1-10? These are the questions we ask our clients in the beggining of the
case and throughout the course of our representation. We’re trial lawyers and we’re

certainly not afraid of the Big Insurance Company. Are you? Is your current lawyer?
Look at your Attorneys WEBSITE, is he or she into 3 or 4 specialities? – Time to move on.


Attorneys often push for settlement. Do you know that your Attorney will never
actually file a LAWSUIT and appear on your case in Court? How do we know? Because the
majority of Attorneys, that means 98%, are afraid to go forward with a case which
requires a lawsuit to be filed. Case in point, one of our biggest cases recently was one
that did go to trial. Our client fell down stairs in the office building where she works,
she had three different Attorneys over the course of 2 years. Each one dropped her
case. Why?- The reason is none of them can handle “litigation”. What is litigation?
Litigation is the giant step you take in the process where the Insurance Company
refuses to move forward and offer a fair Settlement. What do you do? You either settle the case as
98% of Attorneys do or you file a lawsuit, fire the torpedoes, take no prisoners, and move the case
forward. Some 98% of lawyers are afraid to move in that direction since it requires
much in the way of time, expense, and skill. At this stage you are now answering
Interrogatories, Production of Documents, and your Deposition will be taken. With
all honesty it takes talent to step into a Courtroom and challenge the Defendant’s
Insurance Company. Sorry to say, but most Attorneys are afraid of litigation. It
sounds strange but believe it. That’s why so many Attorneys are really just glorified “Negotiators”. All too many Attorneys will pick up a Personal Injury to see if they
can make a “Quick Buck” when their real talent lies in areas less confrontational
such as Worker’s Compensation, Criminal Law, Patent Law or etc…


If you’re involved in an injury accident case you will likely need a lawyer. I
have no idea why clients choose to hire a lawyer with no skill or experience to
handle their Injury case. I was speaking with a Insurance Defense Attorney
from one of the many Insurance Companies we engage on a weekly basis.
With a long history of handling Defense cases we were discussing the fact that many
clients still have a tendency to pick Attorneys totally unqualified to litigate a
case. Some client actually display their stupidity and therefore lose the insurance company’s respect. Does it
matter to you that you look like a ‘bozo’ because your Attorney is an
idiot. Does is make sense to have an experienced Trial lawyer next to you no
matter how small your case is? Its all about respect, the Defense adjuster as
well as their Trial Lawyer looks at Attorneys practicing Personal Injury Law
outside of their skill, as a joke and they look at you, who hired them, as a bigger
joke. The training and skill involved in litigation and Trial is extensive and the
majority of Attorneys avoid this area.

Years ago personal computers a large gap existed between Insurance Companies and their knowledge of the “players”. That gap doesn’t exist anymore. Now your Insurance Company and their Lawyers know about your Attorney’s qualifications and skills.
Recently, a new client came in very frustrated. He and his grandmother were unhappy with their Lawyer. I looked up the Lawyer and found that he’s actually a Worker’s
Compensation Attorney, that means #1 he never steps foot in a civil court
room since Workers Compensation doesn’t involve civil litigation. Wake up
folks, get the respect you deserve or think you deserve by hiring an Attorney
that carries some respect and confidence in civil litigation not someone a hairdresser
referred to you. Maybe you can afford a few roadblocks in front of you and
you don’t mind helping the helpless. On the other hand I’m sure you want to
know the weakness in your case. We handled some Ten years ago Schwartz v
Leeds. The Attorney on this case was hoping to make a quick buck. They
filed a lawsuit but never used their firm’s name out of fear that the
court would consider them the Trial Attorney on the case and hold them to a higher standard. The client was fortunate
enough to wind up with us. In that case the injuries were substantial. The offer was $15,000.00 before we entered the picture. Before we started the trial an offer came in at
half-a-million which we rejected. It took no effort on our part since we
knew the value of the case and its substantial strength. Eventually the jury
came in with a $4.56 million dollar Award. The Defendant Appealed and we handled that as well. We then settled the case. What a winner she was and
how much respect we all gained.

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