Our Mission

As Trial lawyers, Nelson & Natale provides clients with the ABSOLUTE BEST representation from extensive sources. Daniel Nelson and Silvio Natale are experienced and seasoned Personal Injury lawyers who both left the Insurance Industry well over 25 years ago to use their inside knowledge to fight for Plaintiffs against big insurance companies. Therein lies the advantage: substantial experience that is invaluable to developing the skills needed to handle your Personal Injury case.

Nelson & Natale appears in courtrooms throughout all of Southern California. Attorneys for the big insurance companies actually tell our clients that they have chosen "the best and toughest" law firm to represent them.

The Advantage is Yours!

Our top notch Litigation staff is made up of former police officers, asset/investigation specialists, medical specialists and experienced former insurance agents. Nelson & Natale is one of only a handful of high tech law firms. We expertly manage the files of each phase of a clients case, which includes Discovery as well as Court Pleadings and Briefs well beyond the skill and expertise of most other law firms. We retain our own Trial Experts, which clearly gives us the edge on our opponents who are the big insurance carriers.

Nelson & Natale employs a full staff of some 10 experienced and talented paralegals trained exclusively in Personal Injury Litigation.


Picture of Misty Angulo
Litigation Department Manager

Misty Angulo

Misty has been with the Firm for over 12 years. She is a Senior Law Clerk in charge of both the Firm’s “Calendar” and also “Discovery” Department. She spent 10 years as a Medical Office Manager before coming to Nelson & Natale. She was recruited some 12 years ago having stepped into the office. She was hired on the spot which turned out to be fortuitous for the Firm. Utilizing her many talents and comprehensive skills, she tracks and manages all of the Firm’s court appearances, hearings and Depositions.

Picture of Israel Rubio
Litigation Department Manager

Israel Rubio

Israel began his public service career in Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as an EMT Paramedic and has worked in the Mobile CAT Scanning field for 12 years. He was appointed as a Police Officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, which he did for 7 years. He entered Hotel Management as a Security Supervisor, among which he handled day to day Hotel Operations at the Lowe’s Santa Monica. Achieved A.B.A. certification as a Litigation Paralegal from the UCLA extension. Nelson & Natale hired him full time and he has been with the Firm for some 13 years. He functions as an Assistant to the Trial Attorney at all appearances and assists in coordination for settlement conferences.

Picture of Jetta Eam
Manager of Special Assignments - VIP clients, projects

Jetta Eam

Prior to joining the Law Firm of Nelson & Natale, Ms. Eam began her legal experiences with the Law Firm of D’Ambrosio & Brown LLP where she was responsible for billing and distributing invoices to cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The firm practiced tax title litigation. Ms. Eam holds a B.S. in Communications with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Business Administration from Salem State University. She has been with Nelson & Natale for a year and a half.

Picture of Miriam Hernandez
Pre-litigation Department Manager

Miriam Hernandez

Miriam is a Pre-Litigation Case Manager. The Pre-litigation department is in charge of your case immediately after your initial client interview. Before becoming a Pre-litigation case manager, Miriam worked for one of the best orthopedic Surgeons in Los Angeles for some 7 years. She began in the Reports Department and moved up to Back Office Clerk. She had more one on one contact with patients which she enjoyed. When she started working for Nelson & Natale she knew being a Case Manager is what she wanted to do.

Picture of Rigoberto Alfaro
Pre-litigation Department Manager

Rigoberto Alfaro

Rigoberto Alfaro has worked at Five Star Hotels since he was 20 years old. He started as a ‘Valet’ and worked his way into Hotel management over the next 5 years. His duties included Hotel Operations and investigating injury claims and Workers Compensation claims. Nelson & Natale recruited him two years ago, breaking ties with the Hotel industry. He is now a Pre-Litigation Case Manager with the Firm and recently began studying for his Paralegal Certificate.

Picture of Jeannie Kim
Senior Law Clerk

Jeannie Kim

As a Legal Assistant with over 11 years of experience, Jeannie Nelson assists attorneys in a variety of areas and works directly with clients, opposing counsel, and the courts. Her years of experience include skill in the areas of General Litigation and Small Claims. In addition, Jeannie also provides administrative support such as Payroll and general office matters. She worked as a Real Estate Agent for 5 years before joining Nelson & Natale.

Picture of Ayra Rios
Medical Department Manager

Ayra Rios

Ayra Rios, one of our newest employees, started with Nelson & Natale as a Medical Records Assistant in 2017. It’s a detailed job requiring a sharp memory. Her pleasant attitude contributes to each client’s case. Her job is retrieving medical records and billing for each of the firm’s clients. Prior to joining the firm, her background included Small Business management for 13 years.

Picture of Michael Kim
Assistant to Senior Clerk/Paralegal

Michael Kim

Michael is a graduate of UCLA with a passion for the legal field. Although he currently works primarily in Advanced Plaintiff Litigation, he has previous experience working in Insurance Defense and Immigration Law Firms. Michael’s prior experience includes working as a Political Organizer for a non-profit organization. He has developed exceptional drive and communication skills. Michael also has a background in research, leading grant-sponsored academic projects that deal with social inequality and resource distribution.

Picture of Claudia Silva
Accouontant Manager

Claudia Silva

Ms. Silva is Nelson & Natale’s Accounting Manager. She started out as a Telemarketer for a Newspaper Company when she was only 17 years old. She has since worked in a variety of fields including the Print Industry, Property Management, and Fleet Advertising. She has always been in charge of the Accounting and Customer Service function of the company she works for. She is also in charge of Nelson & Natale’s Lien Negotiation, filing with the courts, and Minor’s Comps.

Picture of Kimi Kim
Administrative Assistant

Kimi Kim

Ms. Kim has been playing the piano since she was 10 years old. She attended LA Community College and Valley Community College. She obtained a Vocational Degree from the Musician’s Institute which is located in Hollywood. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Cal State Northridge. She has been a band leader performing at club dates, weddings, and private events. She has released 3 albums and has a sizable Youtube following – Kimijazzband. She currently works at the Law Firm of Nelson & Natale where she is responsible for multiple administrative functions.

Picture of Alex Silva
Clerical assignments

Alex Silva

Alex is a full time college student working on a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. At a previous position in Retail Customer Service, he was recruited into the Law Firm where he has gained an interest for the legal field. His main job is serving Law Suits on Defendants and assisting with discovery. He also assists the Pre-Litigation team at the Firm.