Our Mission

As Trial lawyers, Nelson & Natale provides clients with the ABSOLUTE BEST representation from extensive sources. Daniel Nelson and Silvio Natale are experienced and seasoned Personal Injury lawyers who both left the Insurance Industry well over 25 years ago to use their inside knowledge to fight for Plaintiffs against big insurance companies. Therein lies the advantage: substantial experience that is invaluable to developing the skills needed to handle your Personal Injury case.

Nelson & Natale appears in courtrooms throughout all of Southern California. Attorneys for the big insurance companies actually tell our clients that they have chosen "the best and toughest" law firm to represent them.

The Advantage is Yours!

Our top notch Litigation staff is made up of former police officers, asset/investigation specialists, medical specialists and experienced former insurance agents. Nelson & Natale is one of only a handful of high tech law firms. We expertly manage the files of each phase of a clients case, which includes Discovery as well as Court Pleadings and Briefs well beyond the skill and expertise of most other law firms. We retain our own Trial Experts, which clearly gives us the edge on our opponents who are the big insurance carriers.

Nelson & Natale employs a full staff of some 10 experienced and talented paralegals trained exclusively in Personal Injury Litigation.

Picture of Misty Angulo
Senior Law Clerk

Misty Angulo

* Senior Law Clerk * Assistant to Silvio Natale and Daniel Nelson * Calendar Clerk * Litigation, Discovery Clerk

Picture of Israel Rubio

Israel Rubio

* Senior Law Clerk * Assistant to Silvio Natale and Daniel Nelson * Claims Negotiator * Complex Litigation Advisor

Picture of Rigo Alfaro
Front Desk Manager

Rigo Alfaro

* Case Manager, client contact * Pre-litigation Department * Defense medical exams

Picture of Miriam Hernandez
Front Desk Manager

Miriam Hernandez

* Case Manager, client contact * Pre-litigation Department

Picture of Jeannie Kim
Senior Law Clerk

Jeannie Kim

* Lawsuit research/preparation/filing * Payroll Department

Picture of Denisse Robles
Medical Department Manager

Denisse Robles

* Maintains medical records for clients

Picture of Ayra Rios
Medical Department Assistant Manager

Ayra Rios

Picture of Jetta Eam
Manager of Special Assignments - VIP clients, projects

Jetta Eam

* Defense medical exams

Picture of Michael Kim
Assistant to Senior Clerk/Paralegal

Michael Kim

* Prepares motions and trial documents

Picture of Kimi Kim
Administrative Assistant

Kimi Kim

* Process mail * Manages office equipment/supplies

Picture of Alex Silva
Clerical assignments

Alex Silva

* Service of Process

Picture of Claudia Silva
Accouontant Manager

Claudia Silva

* Manages office finances