“Construction is always a dangerous business by its very nature. It involves dangerous equipment and also a dangerous workplace. Workers are often seriously injured or killed while doing their job on construction sites.”  

~ Nelson Natale

Be aware that “third parties”, which include property owners, architects, contractors, and manufacturers of construction equipment, however, can be held liable for violating safety measure when an accident occurs at a construction site.

At Nelson & Natale, both partners are experienced in handling construction site accidents and third party negligence against contractors, sub-contractors, designers, and architects.

Our areas of expertise include:

         Falls from cranes, ladders and scaffolding

         Injuries caused by power tools, derricks, hoists, conveyors, winches

         Accidents involving forklifts, trucks, graders, scrapers, tractors, bulldozers, back hoes, heavy equipment

         Fire/explosions involving boilers, pressure vessels, and gas lines

         Electrical accidents and injuries

         Excavations and shoring collapses

         Burns caused by flammable and combustible materials