AUTO ACCIDENTS are by far the most common type of Personal Injury cases found in the U.S. court system today.

Vehicular accidents pose a serious threat to the public, and according to statistics, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for persons under the age of 34. I’m sure you know of a celebrity or two that’s had a serious accident with a major injury.  Take for example, Gloria Estefan.  According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), a death is caused by a motor vehicle accident every 13 minutes. Most car accidents are entirely preventable; however, recent studies show that most drivers engage in activities that take their attention away from the road, such as:

  1. Talking to other passengers

  2. Playing with the radio/CD player

  3. Eating/Drinking

  4. Using a cell phone

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS are also a huge component of
the accidents taking place on the road. Approximately 4,000
motorcyclists are killed each year, and more than 80,000 are
injured in traffic crashes.

When someone is involved in a motorcycle accident, it is very likely that they will sustain life-altering injuries. In fact, it is common for motorcycle accident victims to incur serious and life-threatening physical injuries that will require life-long medical treatment. Motorcycle accident victims frequently need ongoing care from hospitals, physicians, surgeons, and medication. Continual medical care can be very costly for victims and their families, who are usually unprepared to handle such large expenses. 

In all motor vehicle accident cases, it is essential that measures be taken promptly to preserve evidence, and investigate the accident in question (which includes an on-sight inspection as well as photographs and video) so that physicians or other expert witnesses may thoroughly evaluate any injuries.

It may also be necessary to take “Video” of the phasing of the traffic lights that may include “measurements” of the accident scene itself. We are often obligated to survey the neighborhood for witnesses, who are sometimes found waiting for buses, or even employees of small businesses or gas stations in the surrounding area. Every effort is made to prove liability on the part of the defendant, and therefore establish an open and shut case immediately.

When it comes to medical treatment, our firm takes an active part in ensuring that every avenue of medical services is determined.

  1. First, we obtain the best doctors for our clients, to treat their “specific injuries” in the most cost effective manner.

  2. Second, to control medical cost so resources that are available either
    through HMOs, PPOs, MediCare, MediCal, as well as Medical Liens, are
    managed to the benefit of our injured client.