Why Do We Love UBER?

Practicing law can be a harrowing experience even today. Meeting clients in
the office, meeting clients in the hospital, making court appearances,
sometimes even meeting clients in their home. No matter what the situation
was, I always have go myself or send one of my law clerks out to meet with a
client. I make it a rule to meet and know the client before we accept the case.
Bringing the client into the office via Uber was a perfect way to tie everything
together at a very reasonable cost. Having the client brought here makes it
easy for everyone to continue working and handling other matters at the same
time. Uber has been great for us. It allows us to meet the challenges of a fast
pace Litigation Office where often times we are preparing for trial and we
don’t have the luxury of taking time off for what feels like a mini vacation.
Thanks to this new transportation platform ‘Uber’, the client who otherwise
would never see the office or meet some of the staff now gets the opportunity
to actually meet me, the Attorney, and to see the physical operation of our
Law Firm. It keeps us on top of our game as we strive to be the ‘Best
Injury/Accident Firm’ you will ever come across.