Injury Accidents, Lawyers and Winning your Case

How to Lose your Case with the Wrong Lawyer

I’ve been representing plaintiffs for over 30 years, but at one time; I belonged to an ‘Insurance Defense Firm.’ We were well trained in representing Insurance companies we were the enemy to plaintiff Attorneys. I recently read an article in one of the magazines that I receive as a member of the ‘Consumer Attorneys of Southern California’ editorial “California Trial Lawyers.” In fact, the Attorney that wrote the article in the “Advocate” Magazine of May 2014, Steven Goldberg, wrote about the firm, in which I was a member and later became a Partner. Some of the terms he uses to describe my former firm are both humorous as well as accurate. Attorney Goldberg was representing a plaintiff at the time and our Attorney was conducting the ‘Deposition.’ He called the exchange between the two as “evil little questions calculated to box your client into testimony that will make it possible for the ‘Defense’ to minimize the plaintiffs’ damages at the time of trial.” The article was excellent. He talks about the “traps” that plaintiffs fall into when they have the wrong Attorney. There are many traps, all the way from describing the scene of the accident, an explanation to which the plaintiff Attorney should prepare his client properly and never really does, to when it’s an auto accident and how many seconds have elapsed before impact/ Also did the plaintiff see the other party before impact? All very tricky questions.

It is very important to always prepare your client for what lies ahead. Don’t ever allow your client to give an oral witness statement. That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. It tells me that that lawyer has little or no litigation experience as well as poor judgment. The challenge here is for the plaintiff Attorney to know his clients’ case intimately. He must be familiar with the plaintiff, him or her, and know the mechanics of their injury – this is the perfect place to lose a client’s case and all through the lack of preparation and experience.

Nelson & Natale takes ‘over’ a sizable number of cases per month. As few as five and sometimes ten a month, all from other lawyers. Most Attorneys are lazy and don’t want to make the investment. Time is money – Their approach is “Can I get in and out quickly” and “How much money will I make in six months.” If that’s the Attorney you want, then please, we’ll give you a list of law firms that actually practice in that worthless approach. Unfortunately, that is most of them. But does it do your case any good? Of course not. We have seen one case after another fall through the cracks and destroyed by the Attorney they choose. Do yourself a favor, choose wisely.

If you have any questions, speak to an Attorney at Nelson & Natale at (310) 641-8300. We’ll be more than happy to give you advice on your case. As a matter of fact, take a look at one of our website ‘BLOGS’ it probably covers a subject of your interest in greater detail. As the saying goes, you can only be a “WINNER BY CHOOSING A WINNER.”