Injury Accident Lawyer – “Making The Right Choice”

Finding the right lawyer – that’s a lot more difficult.  There’s nothing like having the right lawyer to begin with.  It may be a painstaking task to check with friends and websites to locate the attorney, but the payoff is well worth it.  A new case was referred to us today: A twenty year old young man on a bicycle who was hit by an M.T.A. train. Unfortunately he picked the ‘wrong’ law firm to represent him.  The former Attorneys actually went to court for approval to withdraw from the case just three months after they filed a lawsuit.  I looked at their website and I saw their main practice was limited to “Business Law and Insurance Defense”. What we have is an injured plaintiff who files a claim against the M.T.A. and he goes to an Insurance Defense firm to represent him!  That just doesn’t make any sense. This plaintiff suffered permanent and debilitating injuries in the accident.

Why would we not take this case and why wouldn’t the three other law firms that this plaintiff went to before coming to us take the case?  Well for one thing if we originally represented the client we would’ve taken it all the way to trial if necessary. That plaintiff had broken bones and required surgery due to the accident. What the other law firm did was send the plaintiff to a chiropractor rather than an orthopedic surgeon shortly after he was released from the hospital. As it stands now the case is in Discovery and the Attorneys for the M.T.A. filed a motion to get the case dismissed by the Court.  His family members came to see us today. They did not have a copy of the file nor did they have a copy of the police report. Worse yet, the plaintiff himself is living in Northern California.  The Court calendar has a “Motion to Dismiss” scheduled for March 15, 2014.

There’s no way our Firm can actually take over this case and complete the Discovery Answers in time to meet that Discovery deadline.  I have mentioned many times before, that a major injury case should go to a law firm that actually specializes in “Major Personal Injury” cases.  The difficulty is that as a client you have to pick through a lot of incompetent lawyers in order to find an Attorney who has the skill to handle the case.  Sorry to say but many Lawyers would like to make a fast buck. Shame on them. We are trial Lawyers playing in a high-stakes playground against Defense Attorneys who are extremely talented in getting plaintiffs’ cases thrown out of court.  It’s critical to spend the time to find the right Attorney who is skilled in these Major Injury cases. Anything short of that and your case will be over before it starts. Call NELSON & NATALE now. (310) 641-8300