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If you have had a recent accident or you’re looking for an attorney to take over a case for a friend or relative who’s recently had an accident, then you have a big job cut out for you. Let me tell you that you landed in the RIGHT PLACE. The reason we picked this title is because integrity is SO fundamental to being a good lawyer. Trust is a necessary characteristic of anybody who works for you. Do you trust your husband or wife? Your CPA/Accountant?  Your doctor?…… Then you should also trust your lawyer. The definition of integrity is forthrightness, virtue, incorruptible……. This should be basic criteria for your Lawyer, the one you select to rely on for advice and counsel.  If it’s not, or you don’t consider trust a fundamental quality, you won’t understand my message. NELSON and NATALE is an Exclusive Personal Injury Law Firm. We’re different from most other Law Firms because we do what’s called ‘litigation’— filing a lawsuit, serving it and forcing the case into the court system to take on the big Insurance Companies. My name is Dan Nelson and I’ve been in this business for some 32 years.  My partner Silvio Natale is a brilliant trial lawyer with 28 years of experience. I brought him on board some 23 years ago. Our firm only represents victims in personal injury accidents, which covers everything from AUTO ACCIDENTS, MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENTS, SLIP AND FALLS, ELECTRICAL INJURIES, DOG BITES, etc. We have handled over 10,000 cases to settlement or trial verdict. Our staff of 12 law clerks are specially trained, knowledgeable and dedicated to helping our clients navigate through the process of litigation and fighting the big Insurance Company.

No one really wants to go to Trial.  Unfortunately at this time in history insurance companies are offering no money for pain and suffering or very little to settle a case. However, since our reputation precedes us, they know this firm’s policy is to file a lawsuit and drag them into court. If you have had a serious injury there’s no better place for you to seek quality legal representation than at our firm NELSON and NATALE Personal Injury Attorneys. Selecting the best personal-injury firm is no easy task. It does take some thought.  You must first focus on experience and character. If you’re looking on the internet at ads, or you have a referral from a friend you could be making a big mistake. NELSON and NATALE is organized and staffed specifically to take cases to Trial. Please understand that most cases will never get to Trial, however, unless your lawyer is in a Trial firm and has a history of successfully winning against the big Insurance Companies you will be at a tremendous disadvantage. I was 40 years old before I earned my law degree … Yes I was busy, I started out as a laborer in Construction, became a Carpenter, a Contractor, Registrar and Admissions Officer at UCSD (San Diego campus), Director of Admissions at California Western University (San Diego), Senior Deputy for the County of Los Angeles, Foreign Service Officer U.S. Department of State (Washington DC). After graduating from law school, I became a Partner in the Insurance Defense firm of Biesty, Nelson, McCool, and Garrety. Our clients included Allstate Insurance, The County of Los Angeles, Progressive, Financial Indemnity and a dozen more companies.  Yes, a somewhat high octane employment history with more management experience than the current President of The United States. The point I’m making is that your Attorney’s character should be to serve others with honesty and integrity, and with a little luck success will be yours.  Most of these personal qualities are sadly missing in many businesses today and in particular among Attorneys in the practice of law.

I recently ran across a two-page ad for a law firm in Beverly Hills.  They claim to be a ‘Trial Firm’ specializing in major injury cases. Although the ad was brilliant, it was a total misrepresentation. My firm ‘substituted’ in on one of their million-dollar cases. I personally wouldn’t hire these Attorneys as interns never mind as lawyers. Briefly, the case involved a major crushing injury to the foot of a 15-year-old girl. She suffered an amputation, and has major disfigurement to her foot and leg. The current case has a minimum value of $2 Million with a possible high-end of $5 or $6 Million. These Attorneys have a bad reputation and the defendant’s Insurance carrier knew it and as a result made an offer of only One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100k) which the lawyer tried to get our client to accept in full Settlement of her case. When she met with her surgeon he was outraged and he had her give us a call. We took the case over. When we received the file I did read the Deposition transcripts that her Attorneys had taken, unfortunately they were actually worthless. They also had left off two defendants as well as failed to add a government claim to the case.  My client will likely file a lawsuit against her former firm.

To add insult to injury, I was flabbergasted to see that that firm ran a 2 – page ad for their law firm blatantly pretending to be everything that they are not. Their contemptible reputation is embarrassing to all of us Lawyers.   Yes I know it happens all the time.  It’s about reputation, it’s about trust, and it’s about honor. Since we practice law, it’s also about legal talent and skill. NELSON and NATALE is a solid Law FirmAlmost all of our clients come from Referrals. We are fortunate that way. “A good referral is priceless.” If you would like to discuss your case please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME DIRECTLY.  Don’t forget:  it all starts with your lawyer.

NELSON and NATALE is here for you. CONTACT US AT (310) 641-8300.  Don’t forget, “You can only be a winner by choosing a winner!”  CALL US NOW!