Motorcycle Accidents – Litigation Only

The time is now   injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents will likely be a major financial burden, broken bones, hospitalization, loss of income and a real change in your life not to mention the emotional aspects on the entire family. The reason I’m saying this now is because the Insurance companies that defend these personal-injury cases both auto and motorcycle accidents are fixed in an all-time position to defend them rather than settle them for a fair and reasonable amount of money.


Having been in this business of personal-injury “exclusively” for the last 32 years I can see the changes that have taken place and their not good if you’re the victim of a motorcycle or auto accident.

If you’re searching the internet to see if you’ve got a good Attorney – the short answer is probably not. A good Attorney in Personal Injury in 2013 is a trial Attorney. True, the insurance companies are hardly offering the medical bills to settle cases at the present time, but I’ve seen this before over the years as offers go up and go down. I’m sure you know the reason insurance companies handle cases this way, it’s all about profits.

Nelson and Natale has handled over 9,000 injury cases in the last 32 years and a lot of our business comes from “Substituting” in and taking cases away from other lawyers. It’s really the time for the victim of a Motorcycle or Auto accident to select an Attorney who is going to be able to take your case to trial (although chances of going to trial is likely less than 5%). It’s as simple as that. Don’t you think the Insurance company doesn’t know your attorney is not a trial lawyer? Check their website. Who’s stupid here? I see this all the time. I’m attempting to educate you to locate a “specialist in personal injury” cases particularly motorcycle accidents. This is the key to your success in winning your case for a lot of money and getting what you deserve.

An Attorney friend of mine recently settled a motorcycle accident case for over $2 million, he has an excellent law firm that takes cases to trial just like we do. The attorney who originally represented the client to handle his case unfortunately I had never heard of.

It amazes me that an injured victim chooses a law firm that doesn’t handle trials, then that firm had to find a trial lawyer to take over and go to trial. – Not very smart. Nelson and Natale is qualified to go to trial in “every” one of our cases. My Attorney friends case could have brought in a verdict of $5 or $6 million dollars but the client screwed up and wasted valuable pre-trial “discovery” time by selecting the wrong lawyer. In this case the client paid a $2 to $4 million dollar price for it.  The motorcyclist suffered a total hip replacement and also had at least a half-dozen other surgeries.  I leave you with the fact that selecting just any old lawyer is not the way to go. Preparation in the beginning is key and not just turning the case over to the Attorney that handled your best friends “divorce”. You the injured victim must do the research and check around to make sure that you found a trial lawyer to handle your case from the very beginning. Call me I’ll give you a few names, there’s only about 1% of us. You can easily make a mistake and put yourself in the hands of the wrong Attorney which will cost you the value of your case and of course the money. Would you ask the first man or women you meet to marry you.?

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