Don’t Be Dumb… Hire a Trial Attorney!

I guess I’m a little obsessive even when I’m not preparing a case for trial for one of our own clients. Just for fun I’m constantly reviewing the results of the work of other Attorneys as printed up in the jury sheets it’s always interesting as well as educational. I came across a recent case worthy of comment. It was a dog bite case that happened in the home of the Defendant. The injuries were quite severe. According to the record, the Plaintiff was bitten by an 80 pound dog without any warning. She suffered a fracture of her hand, hardware and screws were installed. She also had multiple lacerations and puncture wounds. Her medical bills ran around a $100,000.00 dollars. Plaintiff’s attorney asked for $425,000.00 dollars and the insurance company offered $155,000.00. Understandably it’s difficult to read jury sheets they’re always missing relevant facts and there are many substantial factors such as the insurance coverage etc. that need to be included. However looking at this particular case summary I can clearly see that this Plaintiff Attorney who actually Settled the case for $225,000.00 thousand dollars probably left at least $1 million dollars and probably more money on the table.

The Plaintiff Attorney penciled out over $3 million in future medicals in this case. Knowing the injury, from handling thousands of injury cases, I would best speculate that this Plaintiff was impaired for the rest of her life with the injuries that she suffered. The small amount of money that the Attorney Settled the case for in no way would make the Plaintiff whole or compensate her in the smallest way other than pay Attorney’s fees and her medical bills. I did take the opportunity to research this Attorney to determine his skill and background understandably he does not handle any Personal Injury cases particularly through the Trial stage.  We can assume he actually had no intention of going to Trial on this case but instead was purely interested in obtaining fees for himself with little concern for the client. What a shame.

We have so many good Trial lawyers in the Plaintiffs Bar that for someone to choose an attorney who was likely the laughing stock of the Defendant’s insurance company is a tragedy, but who’s to blame?  It’s clearly the Plaintiff herself for not doing the research and finding a Trial Attorney who actually had the experience and skill to handle an injury case. Our Firm actually went to Trial on a very similar case with a fractured wrist just 2 years ago. The Jury wound up giving my client $1 million dollars. In the present case this lady had numerous hardware installed in her hand and she will be impaired for the rest of her life. What a tragedy and it all it all goes back to the victim herself and the lack of attention to “who would be the best Attorney” to represent her. It’s your case, your injury. Would you go to a Dermatologist for Eye Surgery? Let’s be smart about this, it’s not that complicated. . YOU CAN ONLY BE A WINNER BY CHOOSING A WINNER.” Nelson & Natale Injury Accident Attorneys