Damages’, it means different things to different people, take a look at ‘Webster’s’ dictionary. Damages are defined as “an injury or harm to a person or thing.” It could be a loss of money property or an injury; ‘it’s a wrong to someone’. To us as Attorneys in Civil Litigation it’s all those things that adversely affect your enjoyment of life. NELSON & NATALE practices Civil Litigation in particular ‘Personal-Injury’ and we can take any case to court. A good example would be that you were walking along the sidewalk and fall in a hole, you injure yourself, rip your clothes, incur cuts and bruises you would be entitled to recover ‘Damages’ for your injuries and from whoever is responsible for creating the dangerous situation. The concept here is “compensatory damages”, money that compensates you for your injury this includes your medical bills your loss of income and also your pain and suffering, if you have no damages you have no pain and suffering. If you’re familiar with our Firm NELSON & NATALE, then you’re familiar with the extraordinary results we achieve from Jury Trials. Case in point is our recent ‘Thomas’ case. Our client was knocked down by a dog who broke down the fence and was injured. He had $24,000 in medicals for a broken wrist with deformity. The offer from State Farm Insurance was only $15,000 the lawsuit was filed and the Jury came in at $941,000 thousand dollars, just under a Million Dollars. That’s 40 times the medical bills. Of course that was an outstanding result and not one that your own Attorney however we expect it because we specialize in Trial work. There’s nothing that beats practice and isn’t it the road to ‘perfect’?

Our experience of over 50 years speaks for itself. Most Attorneys are negotiators; they Represent a good 98% of all Lawyershere in California. Our client ‘Thomas’ would have been lucky to see $40,000 either from a negotiated Settlement or even from a Trial. He would have been lucky to see $10,000.00 thousand dollars after everyone was paid.NELSON & NATALE was nominated in 2010 for ‘Trial Lawyer of the Year’ here in California, an achievement we’re proud of. Often times we bring in an Expert, that is a person hired to testify as to his knowledge of the subject field whether it be medicine or  in this case an Engineer.

In ‘Thomas’ our Expert testified as to the of the safety of the gate and connected it to the injury, in this particular case the gate was grossly improperly built. Our expert, a professional with numerous degrees and Trial experience necessary to be able to show the danger and connection to the injury and was able to impress the Jury. As you can see practicing Law gets very sophisticated, it’s not as simple a matter of asking an insurance company to pay your claim. NELSON & NATALE usually will put up $5000 because we know that investment in your case will produce a winner. The Defendant’s Insurance company will also bring an Expert to attempt to destroy your case. My point is it’s a lot more complicated than you as an injured plaintiff would believe. Make sure that you have selected the right law firm to win your case, a real ‘Trial’ Firm, it’s not about guessing it’s about a careful selection from Attorneys who have a history of trying cases and more specifically in ‘Personal Injury’ cases. You can contact our office at anytime and we will be glad to give you an evaluation as to what we think your case is worth with no obligation on your part. We love this business and we’re here to help. Don’t you want to be compensated for your medical bills and ‘pain and suffering’ not to mention the pain from your injury that you will now have to live with for the rest of your life? – “YOU CAN ONLY BE A WINNER BY CHOOSING A WINNER.”

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