Need A Lawyer??

Q:  Why do I need a Trial Lawyer?

A:  ‘Trial’ Lawyers are the warriors on the front line. They are the Navy Seals that move in on the enemy with deadly striking force. If you’ve got a good ‘Trial’ Lawyer consider your very lucky. Why do I need a Trial Lawyer? Well, unfortunately, the opposite of a Trial Lawyer is a Negotiator and if you’re up against a big Insurance Company, why are they going to fear you? Do you really want a Lawyer who is simply a Negotiator? Why not just ask ‘granny’ to help you out? You’ll get the same result. There just aren’t enough of us, 98% of all Lawyers are forced to Settle out of court because they just can’t go to Trial. You will hear one excuse after another such as: Trials are too expensive, I don’t have time to do it… There’s numerous other excuses used by Lawyers to avoid going to Trial (i.e. “We better take their offer I’ll reduce the medical bills. Settling will put more money in your pocket.”) However a ‘real’ Trial Lawyer is always prepared to go to Trial, he has the staff, he has the money and he has the ‘attitude’.  If your Lawyer is willing to pay for the Trial – then what’s your problem? Any Insurance Defense Attorney will tell you that there are relatively few of us. We are the Lawyers that take on the Insurance Companies and hold their feet to the fire. The results speak for themselves.

Insurance Companies are far from stupid, they have been around for well over a 100 years all they do is sell Insurance and handle Claims. Their goal is to offer you as little money as possible to get your Lawyer to take it. That’s how they make money. That way those Claims Adjusters wind up with strong evaluations and get raises and promotions. If you were an Insurance Company wouldn’t you make low offers especially to those Attorneys you know won’t take a case to Trial? Of course you would, and on the other hand those Attorneys known for being Trial Attorneys are treated with a great deal of respect. They get the biggest offers.

How do you know that your Attorney is strong enough and can handle your Personal Injury case? It’s simple, if you have answered a set of “Interrogatories” with the Court Case Number on it, discussed your ‘Answers’ with your Lawyer, it’s likely that a Lawsuit has been filed. Ask your Lawyer if you’re in the court mandatory ‘Discovery’ process. Your Attorney should also be notifying you of ‘your Deposition’ ahead. If so you’re in a very good position at this point. On the other hand, if your Attorney attempts to set up a Mediation or early in the case asks you to give your statement to the Insurance Company ‘prior’ to Litigation, that’s bad news. That’s a red flag, it means that the Attorney is trying to circumvent the process and simply negotiate a Settlement with the Insurance Company without doing any work. Insurance Companies know the signs of Attorney weakness and they are prepared to offer only a portion of the real value of the case knowing that your Attorney does not have the capacity to file a Lawsuit and Litigate the case. Once your ‘Interrogatory Answers’ are received by the Defense Counsel then the next thing is to set up your Deposition. The Deposition is an opportunity for the Insurance Company to know who you are. Attending the Deposition will be a Court Reporter transcribing your statement and the statements and the questions raised by the Insurance Company Lawyer. This is the process that you need to be in. It’s up to you to get there with or without your Lawyer. Don’t forget…., “YOU CAN ONLY BE A WINNER BY CHOOSING A WINNER.”

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